Joyitas Pot

Joyitas Pot


Gorgeous older barro negro (black clay) pot from Oaxaca with an exquisite textured pattern evocative of beaded jewelry and a rustic hand-formed shape. Found in Oregon.

This is piece is approximately 4’’ tall.

Barro negro is a centuries old pottery tradition particularly of the town of San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca. Pottery in Oaxaca is usually shaped by hand of locally harvested clay and fired in an open-air pit or on a wood pile. While the black pottery in earlier times was usually made for practical daily use in the kitchen, since about the middle of the 20th Century it became more decorative and for tourist consumption, especially with the innovations of Doña Rosa that introduced burnishing with quartz stone to give the pottery a more delicate quality and slight sheen.

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